Updo with No Do
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Julius Michael

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Divine (DV-3) Dry Detangler & Ceramic+ion Supreme 100% Boar Hair Brushes

Step 1: Brush hair using the Olivia Garden Divine Dry Detangler to remove knots, followed by the Ceramic + Ion Supreme 100% Boar brush to enhance shine.

Make a low ponytail, positioned to either the left or the right side.

Step 2: Take small sections from the ponytail and either tease or twist the hair, then loosely secure each section into the base of the ponytail using a bobby pin.

Continue until all of the hair is secured into the base of the ponytail.

Play with the hair, pulling some sections loose until you’ve achieved your desired look.



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