Sleep & Style Self-Gripping Curlers

Large Openings

Faster drying
Easy to use
For all hair types
Long lasting results

Gentle Self-Gripping Surface

Gentle on hair
Faster wrapping
No pins, no clips
Comfortable to sleep

Anti-Bacterial Protection

For home use


Begin in front. Section the hair according to the width of curler. Comb the strand vertically away from the scalp and wrap it.


Wrap NiteCurl curlers in direction of the desired hairstyle. It is recommended to use a hairnet to maintain curlers firmly in place while you move in your sleep.


Unwrap curlers away from scalp one-by-one, starting at the neck. Do not pull or slide them out. Avoid contact with hair from other sections. Style as desired.

2- Level Retail Display (17103)

12 packs x 7 sizes = 84 packs Includes free retail display

21-pc Travel Pack (17107)

5 orange, 3 green, 5 pink,
3 yellow & 5 purple curlers
+ clear travel bag

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