Naturally Bouncy
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Julius Michael

Olivia Garden Hair Tools: Divine (DV-1) Wet Detangler & (DV-4) 100% Boar Hair Brushes
Heat Pro Hair Brush, and Double Clips

Step 1: Begin with damp hair, using the Olivia Garden Divine Wet Detangler to smooth out hair
and detangle knots.

Take a section of hair from the top of the head (above the forehead) and use the Olivia Garden Heat Pro Round Thermal Brush to blow dry in the opposite direction from where the hair naturally falls, adding lift without teasing.

Taking sections from the sides, add volume by blow drying hair up and away from the root,
then down towards the chin.

To minimize volume, blow dry straight down towards the chin, keeping the brush tight to the face.

Step 2: To style the back of the hair, use the Heat Pro in a larger barrel size, blow drying sections
of hair down towards the back and flipping away from the neck at the bottom.

You may also twist the ends of the hair to add more bounce and a little curl.

Finish the look by smoothing the hair and adding shine using the
Olivia Garden Divine 100% Boar brush.


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