Vintage Retro Pony
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Michael Marcellino

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Ceramic+ion Supreme Boar paddle brush
NanoThermic Contour Thermal brush & Carbosilk Comb

Brush & smooth hair with Ceramic+ion Supreme Boar paddle brush. Find the hair’s natural part.

Use Carbosilk Comb to tease hair at back of head to build height & volume for the bump. Add finishing spray to each teased section. Do not tease hair around the face.

Lightly smooth out teased hair with Supreme Boar paddle brush, forming bump at back of head. Pull all hair back with brush & gather it at mid-back of head. Make sure to leave bump untouched.

Twist ponytail onto itself and secure to back with several large bobby pins. Always double anchor crossing pins over, one pin in one direction and the other in opposite direction.

Create soft curls around face by rolling loose hair in front with small NanoThermic Contour Thermal brush & blowdryer with nozzle. Use hairspray to lock in the shape.

Increase the height of the bump by lifting hair up with the rat tail of a Carbosilk Comb.


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