Breezy Beach Waves
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Michael Marcellino

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Ceramic+ion™ Vent Shaper, HeatPro® Thermal brush & Double Clip™

Brush wet hair with the Ceramic+ion Vent Shaper & find natural part. Try to not disturb natural curl in hair.

Using blowdryer without nozzle, blowdry free hand until hair is 75% dry. Lift hair with hands to add height, direction & volume.

Starting at top of head, use large HeatPro Thermal brush & blowdryer with nozzle to create lift & body. Leave brush in hair while it cools to help lock-in curl. Repeat all around top of head.

Remove first brush & flip hair to opposite side to create volume at roots. Continue like this as you move down the head. Use Double Clip to keep dried sections away from wet hair as you work around the head.

Use small HeatPro Thermal brush with small sections of hair to create waves. Leave brushes in hair & repeat all around crown.

Remove all brushes & tousle hair with hands. Add styling product & manipulate hair with hands to create desired texture.


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