New York Fashion Week - S/S 2015

Serena Williams

See below for step-by-step tutorial

Flowing “Wet” Sleeked-Back Look
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist:Victor Castor

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
CarboSilk Technical Comb (CS-T1), Style-Up Teasing Brush & Double Clips

Step 1: Section hair with Double Clips.
Using a straightener & the CarboSilk Comb, begin straightening hair from top to bottom.
Section off the front of the hair (from ear to ear) using the CarboSilk Technical Comb or Double Clip.

Step 2: Starting at the crown of the head, tease the hair to add body & volume with a CarboSilk Technical comb. Tease the entire head.

Release the front hair that you initially sectioned off. Continue to tease up & back with the Style-Up Teasing Brush until you have achieve the most height & volume.

Step 3: When done teasing, have model flip head forward (so hair is upside down)
and then flip hair up & back.

Pull hair backwards with your fingers and smooth out with the Style-Up Teasing Brush
for a sleek, slicked back look.

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