The Sophisticated Bob
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Michael Marcellino

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Fingerbrush, NanoThermic Thermal Brushes, Double Clip Petite
CarboSilk Rat Tail Comb & Healthy Hair Combo Boar Paddle Brush

Brush & detangle wet hair with the Fingerbrush hair brush.
Find the hair’s natural part.

Section off bottom layer of hair at the nape & pin the rest up with Double Clip Petite. Blowdry hair under using a small NanoThermic Thermal brush & blowdryer with
a nozzle.

Move up towards crown switching to larger barrel size as hair gradually gets longer. Dry hair underneath at root to create bob & smooth cuticle. Leave brushes in hair to lock-in curls as barrel acts like a hot roller.

At top of head, dry upwards to lift roots & create body. For additional volume, blowdry the top section in the opposite direction than it will be styled so that the roots have maximum lift.

Use the CarboSilk rat tail comb to tease the hair around the top of head. Use the tail side to blend the teased sections.

Use the Healthy Hair Combo Boar paddle brush to smooth out stray hairs & give the bob its final look.


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