New York Fashion Week - S/S 2015

FTL Moda

See below for step-by-step tutorial

Bridal Look - Tousled Low Side Bun
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Victor Castor

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Brush, CarboSilk Technical Comb (CS-T1) & Double Clips

Step 1: Begin by dividing hair in sections using Double Clips
Blow-dry hair using the Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Brush to detangle & smooth out hair
After blow-dry, section top half of hair up using Double Clips
Curl hair with a 1 inch curling iron, starting from the nape of the neck
Working upward, wrap small sections of hair around the barrel

Step 2: Once you’ve completed curling the entire head of hair, section each individual curl with the CarboSilk Technical comb (CS-T1) & secure with metal clips to keep the curls in tact
Continue rolling hair around entire head until all hair is pinned up

Step 3: Once curls have completely cooled off, remove clips & allow curls to fall down
Starting at the nape of the neck, take hair to one side
Begin forming a bun by looping & crisscrossing each curl, & secure with bobby pins
Once all of the hair is in place, hairspray generously & secure with additional bobby pins

Finished runway look of the tousled low side bun

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