New York Fashion Week - S/S 2015

Angela Simmons

See below for step-by-step tutorial

Sleek & Smooth
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Victor Castor

Olivia Garden Hair Tools: NanoThermic Square Shaper Hair Brush
CarboSilk Technical Comb (CS-T1), & Double Clips

Step 1: Section hair using Double Clips.

Begin straightening hair with flat iron all around the head starting at the back & working your way up.

If hair is ultra curly, blow hair out using the NanoThermic Square Shaper Hair Brush
& then straigthen with flat iron.

Step 2: Once hair is straightened, create a deep middle part with the CarboSilk Comb.

Pull out two front hair sections & leave them loose.
Take remainder of the hair, pull back and hold with a Double Clip.

Take the front two pieces that you left out & tuck them behind the ears. Secure them together at the base of the neck with a hair band. This will assure that these two front pieces stay tight, straight & smooth around the face.

Step 3: Remove the Double Clips & slick down hair with the CarboSilk Comb. Smooth hair backwards for a sleek finish. Hairspray generously & continue to comb down to secure the style.

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