New York Fashion Week - S/S 2015

Elle Runway by Kohls

See below for step-by-step tutorial


Tousled Crisscrossed Low Bun
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist:Victor Castor

Olivia Garden Hair Tools: Supreme Combo Brush, CarboSilk Technical Comb (CS-T1)
Style-Up Teasing Brush & Double Clips

Step 1: Apply mousse from root to tip to create texture and volume. Use the Supreme Combo Brush to blowdry the hair backwards, smoothing out the hairline.

Tease the entire head with a Style-Up Teasing Brush. Use a CarboSilk Comb to create 2 sections, dividing from ear to ear. Secure front hair section with Double Clips.

Take the back section, smooth out the tease, leaving some volume, & create a low ponytail at the nape. Secure it with hair elastic. Smooth the ponytail & twist into a bun, pin to secure.

Step 2: From the front of the head, section off a part on the right side with a tail comb. Smooth with Supreme Combo Brush. Pull it towards the back of the hair & wrap it around the left side of the bun. Secure with a pin.

Step 3: Repeat with each remaining section, each time crisscrossing it at the back around the bun. Repeat until all the hair is pulled back. Add desired volume to the crown of the head by lifting hair with tail of the CarboSilk Comb.

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