Silky Smooth Blowout
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Michael Marcellino

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Divine® (DV-1) Wet Detangler, Double Clip™ Petite
EcoCeramic™ Thermal Firm Bristle & Ceramic+ion™ Supreme Combo Paddle Brush

Detangle wet hair completely with Divine Wet Detangler brush. Let hair fall into its natural part.

Starting at crown of head, section hair using a Double Clip Petite. Then section off at ears & divide back in 2 halves.

Starting at nape, use the EcoCeramic Thermal Firm bristle brush & blowdryer with nozzle to blowdry downwards from roots to ends to close cuticle. straighten & smooth hair.

Important to dry both sides of hair strands to achieve a smooth, straight style. To dry top side, place brush below strand & blowdryer is on top. To dry bottom side, brush is on top & blowdryer comes from below.

After drying each section, leave brush in hair while it cools & locks-in shape. Avoid contact between wet & dry hair so moisture does not re-enter dried hair. Once you start blowdrying, do not stop.

When done drying, brush hair all around with Ceramic+ionTM Supreme Combo paddle brush to smooth cuticle & control fly-aways while shaping hair.


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