Sexy Voluminous Loose Curls
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Michael Marcellino

Olivia Garden Hair Tools: Ceramic+ion™ XL-Pro Paddle Brush
Ceramic+ion™ Large Thermal Brush, Double Clip™ & Divine® 100% Boar Brush

Brush wet hair with Ceramic+ion XL-Pro large paddle brush. Use blowdryer without nozzle to start drying free hand. Starting at crown, use hands to loosely lift hair upwards to create lift at roots.

Flip hair upside down & continue blowdrying while tousling hair with hands to add volume. When hair is 85% dry, flip it back over. You can already see some volume in the hair.

Starting at top of head, section with pick from Ceramic+ion Thermal large brush & blowdry on base, straight down to create lift at root. Focus blowdryer nozzle on brush.

While the hair cools down, leave brush in the hair to solidify curl & move on to next section. Repeat all around crown. Remove brush when the hair has completely cooled down.

Roll hair strand with hands & secure pin curl with Double Clips. Repeat until all hair is pinned. Apply hairspray to hair. Remove all clips, loosen curls & tousle hair with hands.

Smooth out hair with Divine 100% Boar brush by brushing 1” away from roots. Repeat this all around face for lift at the roots with a smooth finish.


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