Rachel Zoe

NYFW Spring/Summer 2019

See below for step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylists: Danielle Keasling & Nanci Lee

Photographer: Mark Hansen

INSPIRATION: For the Rachel Zoe Spring/Summer 2019 presentation, the inspiration for the models came from the ethereal style of the collection. Each look featured the right amount of subtle volume and wave with airy deconstructed braids to complement the Rachel Zoe designs.

STEP 1: Start by blow drying hair with the Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer.

STEP 2: Use the CarboSilk Comb to section hair 1” from hairline and 1/4"-1/2” away from scalp.

STEP 3: Use Double Clips to create as many sections for hair extension and place them in a brick lay pattern. Use soft cutting-techniques to blend the hair extension into all pieces of natural hair.

STEP 4: To create a natural wave, apply hair spray and let hair set naturally.

STEP 5: Start braiding random sections of hair towards the middle of the crown. Then apply a small amount of hair spray on the ends of the braids and backcomb gently to keep braids in place.

STEP 7: Using a flat iron, apply light pressure in a tapping motion from top to bottom of the braid, creating heat throughout each braid. Let braids cool and begin to separate them gently with fingers. Keep some braids intact and pull some strands out working through section by section to create more crimp. Then apply a small amount of hair spray to any smooth flyaways.


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