Elegant Faux Bob
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Michael Marcellino

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Divine® (DV-4) 100% Boar Brush, Double Clip™ Petite & ProThermal® brush

Use the Divine 100% Boar brush to smooth out hair.

Section off a layer of hair in nape & pin the rest of hair up with a Double Clip Petite.

Back brush the hair closest to the nape of neck. Roll & firmly secure the section with bobby pins to back of neck. This creates volume & base of faux bob.

Brush again with Divine Boar to smooth out & gather all loose hairs at back of head. Tie hair with an elastic band in a low, loose ponytail.

Roll & tuck ponytail under at base of the neck. Using bobby pins, secure it at desired bob length into base that you previously created in step 3.

Pull out some loose hair pieces from around fringe, face & bob. Use small ProThermal brush with blowdryer to create soft curls in loose hair strands.

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