Fashion Designers of Latin America

NYFW Spring/Summer 2019

See below for step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Marco Vogt

INSPIRATION: For the first show, the Agathe Ruiz de la Prada presentation, the models had to wear something that was easy to break down for the following shows. The inspiration was if “the model was coming fresh out of the shower with a silky shine.” Agatha’s characteristic “Heart Crown” was included on top as an added touch. For the presentations to follow, the Edwin’s D Angelo, Franzisko Saez, Diego Dominguez, Eduardo Cerda and Benito Santos presentations, the look was an effortless ponytail that portrayed the “back from the beach” rough texture look.


STEP 1: Start by distributing styling product on the roots.

STEP 2: Use the iDetangle Brush while blowdrying hair. Blowdry the top section of hair towards the forehead.

STEP 3: Then using the CarboSilk Comb for easy sectioning, create a 2-inch cornrow right on the lower back part of the head with the remaining pieces of hair to create volume.

STEP 4: Apply hairspray & smooth out ends of hair with the FingerBrush.

STEP 5: Pull the rest of hair back from the forehead full & use the cornrow as thread to protect the bottom half from falling out.

STEP 6: Add headband to hair slowly & apply hairspray to ensure hold.


STEP 1: Remove headband. Bundle hair & tie altogether with an elastic.

STEP 2: To keep elastic band from showing, wrap it with a few pieces of hair using the CarboSilk Comb & secure with bobby pin.

STEP 3: Spray styling product to create a more roughened up finish.

STEP 4: Smooth only the pony tail out using the Detangle & Style ON THE GO Folding Brush.

STEP 5: Apply the hairspray all over hair to add shine & tame any flyaway.


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