Michael Costello

NYFW Spring/Summer 2018

See below for step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: César Déleön Ramirêz

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
CarboSilk Technical & Chemical Comb, Double Clip, Ceramic + Ion Supreme Paddle Brush
& Style-Up Teasing Brush

Crown Braid with Soft Waves (Couture Collection)

STEP 1: Prep hair with Texture Creation Cream. Apply a nickel to quarter-sized amount of the product, drying specifically into the roots to create some volume, and add grit to the hair for braiding.

STEP 2: Create a clean center part using a CarboSilk Technical & Chemical Comb.

STEP 3: Off of the center part, create a triangle section of hair on both sides – the front of the part is the first point, the second point being behind the ear, and the third point being at the highest point of the head. Section away using Double Clip.

STEP 4: On each side/each triangle, begin braiding (inverted braid) taking each section diagonal forward. Secure each strand with an elastic.

STEP 5: Use hands to slightly loosen braids before joining the braids in the back to create a crown braid (making sure to conceal the elastics). Use U-pins to secure.

STEP 6: On the rest of the hair that is left out, take a flat iron in an S-wave pattern to create loose waves. Once the whole head is ironed, apply Finishing Spray for texture and dimension.

Textured Bun (Bridal Collection)

STEP 1: Section hair from ear to ear horizontally (split from front to back) to divide head into two sections, top and bottom. Create two high ponytails.

STEP 2: Take the top, front section and smooth into a high pony. Appy hair spray into Ceramic + Ion Supreme Paddle Brush to help smooth hair back. Secure with an elastic cord.

STEP 3: Take the back section and also smooth into a high pony, positioned just below the first ponytail from the top section. Secure with an elastic cord.

STEP 4: Apply hair spray into the ponytails to build texture.

STEP 5: Subsection the ponytails and softly tease with a Style-Up Teasing Brush each section from roots to end. Go over each section very lightly with a flat iron to flatten it out a bit, creating “panels.”

STEP 6: Apply hair spray to create a workable hold and wrap each panel around clockwise, creating a soft twisted bun. Continue to layer the panels in this fashion and use U-pins to secure those panels in place.

STEP 7: Apply hair spray on a small makeup brush to help tame flyaways.


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