Concept Korea

NYFW Spring/Summer 2018

See below for step-by-step tutorial

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Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Jon Reyman

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Ceramic + Ion Round Brush & CarboSilk Comb

For all 3 looks: First prep the hair with styling product and use a Ceramic + Ion Round Brush to softly blow dry texture in the hair using a hair dryer. Next use curling irons of various size 3/4"-1 1/4" to put some loose, easy, perfectly imperfect waves into the hair.

First look: Create a side part sectioned with a CarboSilk Comb & some texturizing cream smoothed on the side. Then tuck hair behind the ear. Tease & backcomb throughout the parietal ridge area & crown to add lift & volume. (We also gave some models a graphic center part using the CarboSilk Comb.)

Second look: Loose low pony with a side part and some wispy hair left billowing around the face.

Third look: Half-up relaxed top-knot using hair sectioned from above the parietal ridge.

For all 3 looks: Hair was finished with hairspray & texturizing creme to enhance the texture throughout.


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