Academy of Art (AAU)

NYFW Spring/Summer 2018

See below for step-by-step tutorial

Modern ponytail with geometric elements
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Jon Reyman

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Ceramic + Ion Supreme Combo Paddle Brush & CarboSilk Comb

STEP 1: Start with damp hair and apply a generous amount of Glossing Straightener and Phomollient from root to tip and wrap dry hair till 100% dry, using hair dryer and a Ceramic + Ion Supreme Combo Paddle Brush to get the hair as sleek and smooth as possible.

STEP 2: Apply a liberal amount of hair spray to create grip.

STEP 3: Use a CarboSilk Comb to create a dramatic asymmetrical side part at the hair line and slick sections of hair back. Secure into a ponytail right at the occipital with an elastic.

STEP 4: Braid ponytail and fold it. Put rubber bands to secure the different layers.

STEP 5: Wrap silver wire starting at base of ponytail around your braid leaving the "folded ends" exposed.

STEP 6: Finish the style with more hair spray.


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